Copywriting services for quality online content

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Improve your website performance

Draw your perfect client with your website

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Improve your website performance

Follow up and build relationships

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Web Content

Improve your website performance

Help clients find the solution...your product or service

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Improve your website performance

Get your emails opened and read by potential clients

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Website Audit

Improve your website performance

Find out how to improve your website performance

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Online Consultant

Improve your website performance

Writes content that complements the overall marketing strategy

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Thank you for your interest in my copywriting services…

You’re visiting this page because you need a Christian online copywriter for your business or ministry…or perhaps you want to find out more before you hire my services…

Whatever your reason, you want to know…


“What kind of assignments do I handle?”

I cover the full spectrum.

Most of my writing is online copy:

  • website pages,
  • web content,
  • blog posts,
  • articles,
  • email campaigns,
  • e-newsletters,
  • special reports
  • white papers

I also write direct response copy such as sales letters, brochures, newsletters, and landing pages.


“Do I offer consulting services?”

I help clients plan online marketing campaigns in addition to writing copy.

A consultant has an eagle’s viewpoint—the big picture and the detail.  I understand how each piece fits into the main picture. Therefore, I don’t write web copy as a standalone item. I consider how this specific piece of writing

  • links to other website pages,
  • fits into your social media and email campaigns, and
  • your overall marketing strategy…

As a web content consultant, I offer site audit services—how the content on your website performs to achieve your marketing goals. Included in the written report are the overall findings and suggestions how to improve these areas.


“What are your core copywriting services?”

I truly believe all businesses/ministries need

  • a website that is constantly updated,
  • email campaigns and newsletters, and
  • web content (white papers, special reports, articles and blog posts) as part of the marketing plan.

Here are my reasons why:


Current Website: 1 out of 4 prospects who visit your website becomes a lead. Optimize your current website to increase performance. Add new content regularly to help clients make a decision about your product/service. Use blog posts and articles on your website to answer their questions or explain instructions or technical terms.

New Website: If you don’t have a website, how will your potential client find you? It’s common practice for prospects to search for your website before they take the next step. They want to check you out…like you’re checking me out by visiting my website to see if I’m the copywriter you need.


Email Campaigns:

Email campaigns work to generate leads, to promote products/services and to keep in touch. The challenge is to get your emails opened. And when opened, to inspire the person to click on the link to the landing page, website, subscription link, or other promotions.



Underestimate the value of your assets and you lose the sale to your competition. And… your marketing effort helps your competition make a sale. Newsletters build long-lasting relationships. Use newsletters and email letters to

  • follow-up during a buying process,
  • educate and inform customers/clients who are interested but not ready to buy, and
  • nurture loyal readers.


Special reports, White Papers, Articles, Blog posts

Quality web content improves search engine rankings and supplies important content to clients and potential buyers. Each has its own role to play in helping the customer/client move forward in the process of purchasing your product/service, the solution to their problem/need.


From General to Specifics

I’ve given you a general idea of the online copywriting services I provide. However, your business or ministry has its own unique way of servicing your clients…and needs its own marketing plan and web content.

To discuss your specific copywriting needs, why don’t you contact me now