Are you my client? I am a Christian web copywriter…

Do you need my Christian web copywriting services to improve your online presence…?

To expand your reach…

Increase conversions and sales…

Do you need a web copywriter who writes vibrant, sincere, and biblically-based content?

The most difficult website page I ever wrote was my own Homepage. Yes, I am a Christian web copywriter, and yet, I battled to write my Homepage. I think it’s because you can’t distance yourself from your message. The message you want clients and customers to read and to act upon…

It’s because you’re passionate about the product or service you offer…be it in business or in ministry.

I’m passionate about web copywriting.

Therefore, I write online content for Christian clients.

My ideal client

I had to identify my target market, my ideal client. You can’t offer a solution for everyone. You must decide who is your target market. Who is that one person you want to help?

And then… I had to put on my copywriter’s hat and think about the type of client who needs my services, my expertise, and the unique package I have to offer.

I struggled for days because I wanted everybody as a client. I’d walk in the streets and watch people pass by, thinking, “Are you my client?” Wherever I went…to the shops, restaurants, family dinners, outings with friends…the question popped into my mind over and over, “Are you my client, or you or you…”

Until…I had this aha moment…What I’m looking for in a client is what the client is probably looking for in me!

Stunned, I sat down and made notes. Who is this person, this business owner, Christian professional, church leader, or individual who I’d like to write for? The kind of person I want to offer my web copywriting services.

Here is who I’d like as my ideal client:

A real Christian

Someone who is a Christian…a real Christian. Not just a Sunday sermon Christian but someone who lives the life of faith daily, at home and at work. I’m not talking about a Bible basher; I’m talking about someone who IS. I’m also not talking about a perfect person who never makes mistakes. `

My ideal client loves Jesus with a passion.

Loves the Word of God…

And lives according to the truths of the Bible.

Serious about business and ministry

My ideal client is serious about being successful in business and ministry.

The Bible is full of favored and blessed men and women of God. Abraham, Joseph, Lydia, the list goes on…People whom God blessed spiritually but also materially.

So, my client understands the principles of having God’s favor and blessing. That it’s not a sin to make money…The sin is when you love money more than God.

My perfect client is also like Joseph or Daniel, who doesn’t compromise. Someone who knows that the means to an end is not an excuse to compromise. God looks at the journey, too, not just the results.

My ideal client operates a biblically based business. The product or service may not be exclusively Christian products, but your business operates according to Bible principles.

Needs Christian web copywriter services

Obviously, my perfect client needs my web copywriting services…preferably lots of it!

In today’s world, every business and ministry can reach their client or customer online. Potential buyers visit your website to see if you offer what they are looking for. It is often the first place they look before they contact you.

Everyone wants the solution to their problem or need. Be it a physical or online product to purchase, a church to make their home, a ministry need, or a professional service like a Christian lawyer or dentist…

Within seconds your website will tell them whether they are at the right place…or not.

My client needs online content. And the requirements may differ from time to time.

  • You may need a new website or a website review to improve your current website.
  • Part of your online marketing strategy is to provide valuable information to clients or customers with blog posts, articles, and product reviews.
  • Perhaps your focus is on new clients, and you need emails, opt-in pages, and other lead-generation content.
  • A valuable strategy is to follow up and builds relationships with current clients through a newsletter series.

If you’re still reading this page, then WE NEED TO TALK. Because we have enough in common for a very interesting conversation.

If you’ve silently been nodding your head, and you need web copywriting services, why don’t you give me a call right now at +27 71 293 8940 or (WhatsApp), or Zoom me? Alternatively, email me at retha @ or message me through my Contact Page.

What do you say? Are you my client? Am I your ideal Christian web copywriter? Do you want to hire me to write your web content? Then contact me so that we can discuss your project.

Web copywriting services

My specialty is to convey your thoughts in a vibrant, sincere, believable message so that your client understands

  • the value of what you offer before he buys,
  • that your product/service is the solution to his needs, and
  • how to take the next action step towards that solution.

Words have the power to transform and change lives. My ability to write so that anyone understands the content conveys your message to potential clients and motivates them to act.


  • Optimize current website
  • New website content
  • Website Audit


  • Build relationships
  • Educate and inform
  • Follow-up with buyers


  • Generate leads
  • Keep in touch
  • Make a special offer

 Web content:

  • Special Reports
  • White Papers
  • Articles/Blog posts


She is highly gifted in research, study, and writing and her work are always done per the highest standards. She is a person of great integrity, and she is loyal to her commitments.

Prof FG Engelbrecht CEO Powerhouse, Durbanville, South Africa March 14, 2017

As a Pastor and Business owner, I understand that how you say something is just as important as what you say.  That’s where Retha comes in; she has taken many of my ideas and put words to it.  Her ability to articulate and paint verbal pictures has helped me grow my Blog and serve my audience.

Discipleship Pastor Ariel Nieves Christ Tabernacle and Founder of Thrive Church Coaching, Queens, New York March 14, 2017

Retha has very deep Christian values, and it reflects on everything she does, be it through her living, or her writing. She has very strong leadership skills and will be good with presenting information in a live atmosphere (teaching).  She is very spontaneous, friendly and approachable. Always willing to help.

Carika Willemse Endrejat Colleague, Houston, Texas March 14, 2017

Retha is a talented writer, delivering great copy on short notice. I heartily recommend her for your next project.

Jim Colaianni, Resource Publishers, Ventnor, NJ. March 14, 2017

Retha is a good writer, understanding the market. She offered a good job based on the information supplied. She completed the job without the need of corrections or adaptions. I am impressed by her work done.

Peter van der Schelde Importantia Publishing The Netherlands March 14, 2017

Groenewald provided quick turnarounds perfectly edited projects for me all while inserting optional enhancements that greatly increased the value of my writings. She is a must have for anyone who writes at any time for any size project.

Dwight S Riddick, II Senior Pastor First Baptist Church (Franklin, VA) March 14, 2017

Retha was our first Bible College Principle and did an outstanding job with the students. Many people’s lives and futures were positively impacted by Retha’s leadership skills. Retha is a brilliant student and an excellent teacher. She is qualified in various areas of life and leaves a positive impression wherever she goes.

Prof FG Engelbrecht CEO Powerhouse, Durbanville, South Africa March 14, 2017